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Okay lovely you received brows by what?

PLEASE  be diligent in following aftercare instructions in order to obtain the best result possible! I am not liable for any problems that occur from incorrect aftercare. 

Depending on your skin type, please allow freshly microbladed eyebrows seven to ten days to heal, give or take a few! Don't panic if your eyebrows start to look patchy during your healing process, this is completely normal.  If the strokes have disappeared, don't be alarmed it takes the pigment about four to six weeks to resurface. After healing, any gaps will be corrected at your scheduled touch up appointment. This appointment is included in the initial price. 

After your microblading, microshading or ombré procedure you will be given a take home after kit containing instructions. Whenever you go near your brows you want to make sure your hands are freshly washed! You will be given a small container of Aquaphor and you want to apply that twice a day (usually morning & night) or whenever you feel your brows starting to get dry. You'll apply the Aquaphor with your finger gently or a cotton swab,

The goal with the healing process is to avoid scabs. If your new brows do start to scab DO NOT pick, scratch, rub etc.  When you shower you want to avoid direct water contact. Just apply a small amount of Aquaphor before you get into the shower. After getting out of the shower PAT dry, DO NOT rub and then reapply a small amount of Aquaphor. You'll repeat this process for about 10 days or so. Please avoid working out (because of sweat) and swimming for at least 72 hours.

You will find the stages of Microblading/Powder Ombré that each client may or will go through. DO NOT panic if you see that your eyebrows are too dark, patchy, flaking, or the wrong shape. Anything that you feel doesn't look right, will be corrected at the touch up appointment. It takes approx. 4 weeks for the pigment to resurface completely after the first Microblading session.


-You cannot get you brows wet for 24 hours!!

-Remember to remove the regenerating cream after 24 hours with a damp cotton round or q-tip

-Your brows need to be moisturized DAILY! This is super important!!!


-Use the castor oil (the one with the spoolie in it) every night

-Use the conditioning cream 1-2x per week.

-Brush your brows up and out every morning...not straight up, you don't want to look like you got electrocuted!


- Keep Lips moisturized consistently, do not let them dry out

-Use the aftercare provided

-Drink out of a straw for the first 48 hours

-DO NOT pick, peel or bite your lips. Shedding will occur and just let them run their natural course

- NO products on lips for 2 weeks (lipstick, lip masks)

Most accurate color blooms after 8 weeks

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